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NEW YEAR 7 ACCOUNTS -New accounts for Year 7 parents will be created at the start of term and will take approximately 2 weeks to be fully integrated with the Parent Portal. Your log in details will be sent to you as soon as possible via post when this has been actioned. There will be a link in the Portal to your Wisepay account so you can add funds to your child’s account. In the meantime, students are able to add funds to their thumbprint to purchase refreshments using the onsite machines in school. The machine accepts notes and coinage (excluding 5 pence pieces and coppers).
WISEPAY PAYMENTS - We have had a couple reports from parents that paying from Wisepay is not working for them. In majority of cases this is because the clients Pop-up blocker is enabled. To use this service effectively please disable this.

To do this in internet explorer please go to 'Tools > Pop-up blocker > Disable Pop-up blocker.

Kind regards - Development Team.
If you are still having issues do not hesitate to contact the Parent Support email listed below.

We are constantly making changes to this portal as it is in its development stages, please email us if you are experiencing any problems or have any ideas please email


What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is an online facility created for parents to access their child’s data and behavioural records online. It is not a system to replace face to face contact but to improve the accessibility to their data.


Don’t have a login?

If you do not have a log-in or did not receive your login details through the post please email
parentsupport@st-pauls.surrey.sch.uk to get your details



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